1:  Team organizatioN

Teams will be organized by the course director. Team members will meet by Friday of Week 2 of New Media Tools and determine roles for each member as well as potential topics/genres for their project.  For example, roles can consist of:

  • Video Editor
  • Photographer
  • Audio & Music
  • Graphics
  • Writer/Storyboard Creator
  • Production Coordinator

Students are responsible to organize their teams.  If a student does not communicate with team members in this collaborative assignment, they must satisfy all requirements and create a project of their own.

2:  Video Content

Student teams will produce a 1 to 3-minute video for a brand, product or initiative that includes the "human connection" we are exploring this month.  The sample videos below will provide you with examples of what types of videos campus & online students have produced in the past.  Professional examples are included as well for inspiration.  Remember what we have covered this month about the human connection in the various ads/viral videos you've already seen (Dove, Dollar Shave Club, and the videos below).  Your video should creatively send a message that relates and resonates with its' viewers.  It can be fun, dramatic, or informative... just engage with your viewer through the human connection we've been discussing.  Genres can be original video productions or even photo-based visual metaphors such as in "God Made A Farmer."

3:  Collaboration APp

Teams must use at least one collaborative app of their choice in the meeting process of the project (E.g., Google Hangouts, Apple FaceTime, Slack, Skype, etc.).  Please Note:  When the WK3 Project is handed in, each team member will briefly post how the collaborative app was utilized in the creative process of the project.  Instructions on how to post will be in the WK3 Project description on FSO.

4.  Submitting your project

Each completed team project will be uploaded to YouTube and embedded in each team member's WK3 Project post.  Each team member will document their role in the WK3 Digital Storytelling Challenge.  Prompts in the WK3 Project assignment will guide you in documenting your role and submitting your project... a visual example of how to do so is also included in the WK3 Project instructions.  The winning team is the team with the most YouTube views.


 Please view the videos below.  They serve as sample genres and examples of student work.

Please view the videos below.  They serve as sample genres and examples of student work.


This video by Dodge Ram Trucks is a simple but powerful narrative accompanied by strong visual metaphors that connect to each image.  It is an industry example of a simple yet effective style of utilizing the human connection to connect with viewers.


A simple yet effective student project that explains the relationship between music lovers and their connection to vinyl records.


A viral video idea by campus NMT students to promote a positive message with a brand, in this case, Post•It Notes.  The students shared their video with the Post•It company and actually received a tweet back thanking the for sharing the project and its' positive message.


The human connection in this video focuses on being responsible when having fun by simply using the Uber app anytime, anywhere.  This video was produced by campus students and includes a drone shot at the end.  Students, feel free to spread your creative wings if you like!


Understandably it is a bit more challenging for teams (but certainly not impossible) to produce a project miles apart from each other.  Today, media professionals work collaboratively online with each other and with great success.  Excellent communication and attention to deadlines are at the top of the list when it comes to executing projects online.

Please feel free to be as creative as you like.  If you are looking for a genre that is a bit more manageable, you may want to consider something more along the lines of the Dodge Ram Trucks video (just a suggestion).  This is a simple narration with powerful images.  To keep it fresh and engaging, you can create your own images as opposed to using stock imagery.  Go forth and be creative!   -Pete Episcopo (Course Director)