New Media Tools DueView


How to use this resource:

Welcome to the New Media Tools DueView.  This resource will help you see the month's assignments "at-a-glance" while also connecting to all tutorials and downloads for Pete's QuickSkills tutorials.  This tutorials are designed with one thing in mind, to quickly get you comfortable creating content using the Adobe® Creative Cloud® apps.  As you complete each easy-to-follow tutorial, you'll find that your skill and confidence will grow almost exponentially.  For example, you'll create a logo in Illustrator® then animate it in After Effects®.  As you do so, you'll discover that many of the tools behave similarly from application to application.  This allows you to rapidly feel more at-home as each new app is introduced in the interface.

Most of the Video Walkthrough's are about 10 minutes and step-by-step written instructions are conveniently located right below the Walkthrough.  There is also a Downloads link on the interface that provides you with all the assets you'll need to complete each lesson.  Imagine, finally learning the Creative Cloud® quickly and at your own pace!

Have fun and don't worry so much about being the perfect artist... just create and get comfortable!


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